Titan - 14" Structural Firefighting Boot

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Titan Structural Firefighting 14" Boot

Cosmas Titan 14" Boot for Structural Firefighting

  • Low-profile, triple-reinforced pull on straps help you get in quickly, then stay out of your way.
  • Thermoformed tibia guard protects your shins on the ladder, and keeps the boot standing upright.
  • AnkleArmor™ contoured ankle guards protect ankles from impact. An industry first by Cosmas USA®.
  • MidsoleArmor™ combination composite puncture plate/ladder shank/midsole, provides full puncture resistance coverage and thermal insulation for the bottom of your feet. This Cosmas USA® exclusive, patent-pending construction is stiff and supportive in the heel and arch, yet flexible in the forefoot, allowing your foot to flex naturally.
  • Abrasion, chemical and flame resistant vulcanized rubber toe cap extends boot life.
  • Integrated stand-off allows for easy removal of the boot. An industry first from Cosmas USA®.
  • Proprietary, high traction, vulcanized nitrile rubber outsole with a true mountaineering tread design provides superior grip and stability. Equipped with ergonomic HeelRoll™ and ToeSpring™ to promote a natural walking motion. High profile ladder grips prevent slips.


VAMP: Full-grain, water, flame, chemical, and cut resistant leather, 2.4 – 2.6 mm nominal thickness, 6.5 oz.

QUARTER:  Schoeller® fabric blend with KERMEL® significantly reduces weight and is more breathable than leather. Mesh window for enhanced ventilation.

PULL STRAPS: Low profile, 1” wide, triple-stitch reinforced, full-grain water and flame resistant leather.

FLEX POINTS: Accordion-style flex points behind and in front of the ankle allow the boot to flex where you do, providing improved range of motion.

SAFETY TOE: Corrosion resistant, anatomically shaped steel safety toe.

COMBINATION MIDSOLE/LADDER SHANK/PUNCTURE RESISTANT DEVICE: Flexible, advanced textile composite in the forefoot area with a stiff, supportive glass fiber reinforced composite from the arch back to the heel. Provides full puncture resistance coverage and thermal insulation for the bottom of the foot.

INSOLE: Combination Texon® and polyethylene; anti-microbial; wicks perspiration and dries quickly; lightweight with excellent flex endurance.

FOOTBED: Triple-density, removable footbed made of Cambrelle®, felt, and ergonomically molded EVA. Wicks moisture and dries rapidly. EVA provides cushioning.

OUTSOLE: High traction, abrasion resistant, electrically insulating, oil, flame, and chemical resistant, nitrile rubber outsole equipped with ergonomic HEELROLL™ and TOESPRING™ to promote a natural walking motion. High profile ladder grips to prevent slips. Durometer hardness: 66 Shore A (nominal). Integrated stand-off allows for easy removal of the boot.

HEEL COUNTER: Ergonomically molded heel counter provides stability, comfort, and long-lasting support.

THERMAL BARRIER: Full-height layer of 300 g polyester felt provides thermal protection.

FULL-HEIGHT CROSSTECH® FOOTWEAR FABRIC BOOTIE SYSTEM:  Five-layer laminate of durable Cambrelle® quilted to a 300 g polyester felt thermal barrier, laminated to a CROSSTECH® moisture barrier.

HEEL SLIDE: Abrasion resistant microfiber suede. No stitching or seams running directly down the center of the backstay in the heel area to improve comfort and prevent premature wear of the liner.

SHAFT COLLAR: Soft, full-grain leather-bound padded collar for superior comfort to accommodate individual leg sizes.

COMFORT PADDING: Thermal insulating, open cell polyurethane foam padding strategically placed throughout the upper for superior comfort and support.

THREAD:  Tough, fire-resistant Kevlar® thread throughout the upper.

OUTSOLE ADHESION:  A 2-component, high-temperature polyurethane adhesive system is used to bond the outsole/midsole to the upper.

PROTECTIVE TOE CAP: Abrasion, chemical, and flame resistant nitrile rubber protective toecap; 1.8 mm nominal thickness.

TIBIA GUARD: Internal tibia guard made of thermoformed polypropylene, extremely lightweight with a specific gravity of 0.75, impervious to water. External tibia guard cover made of abrasion, fire, and water resistant schoeller® fabric blend containing Kermel® and a reflective background.

ANKLE GUARD: Contoured ankle guards protect ankles from knocks and dings.