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Gore® Particulate Hood Ultra C6.2 - Gen II

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Majestic Fire Apparel Gore® Particulate Hood Ultra C6.2 - Front View

The GEN II Gore® Particulate Hood combines the expertise of the industry leader in barrier technology with the skill of one of the most respected hood manufacturers.

Majestic Fire Apparel's Gore® Particulate Blocking Hood offers a more traditional hood wearing experience with the benefits of particulate protection. Majestic Fire Apparel Prides themselves on their hood's exceptional durability, excellent breathability, and one-size-fits-all convenience. The generation II version of this Gore hood offers enhanced protection with less bulk from the generation I version.

  • Traditional head design
  • Longer length, notched shoulder bib design


  • 2 ply material (outer to inner)
  • Ultra C6.2 Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0


  • Head length: 15"
  • Bib (Apron) length: 8"
  • Overall LengthL 23"

Face Opening

  • Full Face Opening Circular Measurement
  • Sewn with 1/2" elastic - Elastic is encapsulated in material and cover stitched.
  • Elastic Face Opening stretches to accommodate a circumference of at least 31" for ease of donning, snug fit, and proper seal with SCBA.

Inspection Opening

  • The Gore® Particulate Hood has an Inspection Opening in the back hem of the hood.
  • The Inspection Opening allows the hood to be turned inside out so the Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer can be visually inspected for damage.


  • Binding of the same fabric material to enhance design with a finished look


  • 100% Nomex Thread
  • Head design with traditional center head seam (comfortable central seam)
  • Safety lock cover stitch of seams
  • Red Tread on the outside is the proper way to don the Gore® Particulate Hood


  • Universal, One-Size-Fits-All

Cleaning Precautions and Storage

  • Use regular mild detergent
  • Machine wash warm, do not exceed 105˚F
  • Tumble dry low, do not exceed 105˚F
  • Do not use washing machine that exceeds 100 Gs
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Store your hood only when it is clean, dry, and free of contamination.


  • NFPA 1971-2018 UL Certified
  • Complies with CAL-OSHA Requirements Sections 3406, 310(d), and OSHA Rule 29 CFR Part 1910, 269

Gore® Particulate Hood Ultra c6.2 Fabric Performance Values

Ultra C6.2

Material Content: 65% Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile (OPF)/35% artificial tri-blend
Material Construction: 1x1 Rib Knit
Material Weight: 6.5 osy (nominal)
Material Color: Black (Standard)

Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer

Material Content: Proprietary ePTFE Laminate with Nomex Knit
Material Construction: N/A
Material Weight: 3.3oz / yd2 (+.2 /-.2)
Material Color: White (Standard)

Particulate Blocking Layering System Throughout Entire Hood

  • Head Design = 2 ply material (outer to inner) - Ultra C6.2 Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0 / Ultra C6.2
  • Bib Design = 2 ply material (outer to inner) - Ultra C6.2 Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0 / Ultra C6.2

Total Heat Loss (THL)

  • As received: 356 W/m²

 Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)

  • As received: 30.9 cal/cm²
  • Afte 5 washes: 33.3 cal/cm²

Particulate Blocking Efficiency for each particle size range from 0.1 - 1.0 micron

  • As received: >99.9%
  • After 5 wash/dry heat conditioning, room conditioning: >99.9%
  • After 10 wash/dry heat conditioning, room conditioning: >99.9%

Hood Material Burst Strength

  • Ultra C6.2: 383 N

  • Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer 2.0: 421 N

Flame Resistance Test 1

After Flame

Ultra C6.2, as received: 0 seconds
Ultra C6.2, after 5 washes: 0 seconds

Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer, as received: 0 seconds
Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer, after 5 washes: 0 seconds

Char Length (wales x courses)

Ultra C6.2, as received: 2mm x 1mm
Ultra C6.2, after 5 washes: 2mm x 1mm

Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer, as received: 35mm x 35mm
Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer, after 5 washes: 24mm x 24mm

Cleaning Shrinkage Resistance Test

Hood Measurement: 1%
Face Opening Measurement: Complies

Cleaning Shrinkage Resistance Test

Hood Measurement, as received: 0%
Hood Measurement, after 5 washes: <1%

Face Opening Measurement, as received: Complies
Face Opening Measurement, as received: Complies

Melt, Separate, Ignite When Exposed To Flame

As received: None
After 5 washes: None

Seam Breaking Strength Test

Ultra C6.2: 342 N
Gore® Particulate Blocking Layer: 514 N

LABEL: Each hood comes individually labeled to identify fabric, hood style, lot # traceability, DOM, cleaning, precautions, storage instructions, and UL Certification. Once the label is reviewed for imperative information, the label can be tucked up and out of the way inside the Inspection Opening. DO NOT REMOVE LABEL.

LABEL MARKING RECOMMENDATION: If permitted by your department or organization, for identification purposes, you may mark your protective hood. Mark your hood on the 'PROPERTY OF: _____' tag. When marking, use an indelible marker. Do not write over or obscure information on the product label.

WARNING & USERS INFORMATION GUIDE: Each hood has a Warnings & Users information Guide attached with imperative information. Please review before wearing.