Turnout Gear


East Coast Emergency Outfitter is proud to sell Lakeland Turnout Gear; turnout suits that offer the most comfort, maneuverability, and functionality on the market.

Lakeland Fire manufactures a complete range of gear for all aspects of the Fire Service Industry. Whether it's their top of the line Stealth bunker gear for fighting structural fires, or their new Dual Certified Gear, perfect for tasks ranging from Extrication to Search and Rescue. All Lakeland turnout gear is designed to let you move freely and conquer any job thrown at you without being restricted by the functionality and limitations of your equipment.


Lakeland upholds a longstanding tradition of providing the finest quality fire safety gear available on the market today. Their staff has years of experience in developing the most innovative advances in fire safety gear. Their high-caliber gear goes toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the industry and delivers a range of motion incomparable to other gear.